• Walk-Easy Design

    Our patented fin design allows for easy and natural walking whether you're at the pool, on the beach or anywhere else.

  • Comfort & Fit

    In addition to our micro-adjustable ankle strap, we offer a top strap that provides a secure fit around the top and sides of the foot.

  • The Swim Fin Redefined

    Nothing else looks like it. Nothing else performs like it. The Waveo swim fin makes the swimming experience even more fun.

  • Travel friendly

    Travelling is a breeze with waveo swim fins. They are the shortest, compact and weighing in at only 140 grams a fin, you're not going to notice them in your beach bag or suitcase.

  • Board friendly

    From surfing and body body boarding to stand-up paddle boarding, you'll find waveo swim fins a great addition most any boarding activity.

  • Learn to swim friendly

    The waveo swim fin is a ideal for new swimmers. They are ultra bouyant, helping feet stay high in the water to improve swim posture and their light-weight material and compact design make it easy to kick through water.

What people are saying.

I brought these with me to Mexico. Catching waves on a boogie board with them made things so much easier and fun. Also how easy they were to pack! Taking practically no room in a suitcase, with current baggage restrictions an absolute plus. Highly recommend.

Produit intelligent et efficace.

I tried these amazing fins. I could tread water for hours in them. My friend couldn't believe how much easier it was to swim the lake with them on. Two thumbs up for this product.

These are great! I wear them whenever I go swimming - whether we're at the pool or on the sailboat. They give me the confidence I want in the water and climbing up swimming ladders is super easy.

I love them. If I want to go swimming, or snorkeling, or anything of that sort, they give me that extra support. Check them out.